Chuckanut Residence

The owners of this home have lived in it for almost 40 years, updating as their needs changes. The last area they chose to remodel is the master bedroom suite and bath. The goals for the bathroom include light and open space, larger and more efficient closets and provide wall area for art. The master bedroom needed to expand and maximize the beautiful view of  the San Juan Islands and Chuckanut Bay, with access to their garden.

This property has several restrictions; it is located within shoreline setbacks, has County setbacks and is on a septic field. It sits right above busy and noisy railroad tracks.

  • The new entry hallway to the suite draws the homeowners in with a naturally lit art wall.
  • The walk-in closets are on either side of the hall. One is very large, with different levels of light, built-in shelves, drawers and hanging areas.
  • Clean lines and materials, natural light from a large frosted window and solo tube over the unique sunken tub and glassed shower plan provides a contemporary look and warmth.
  • The bedroom addition follows the setback line of the property, and we created an angled bedroom wall, allowing for more windows and adds a dramatic shape to the room.
  • We used acoustic windows and exterior door to dampen noise and vibrations from the train.