Fairhaven Gardens, Fairhaven WA

Fairhaven Gardens is integrated into the historic district of Fairhaven, Bellingham, Washington circa 1880. The Gardens is a mixed-use building that includes retail, commercial space and residential condominiums.

  • A 5-story building that steps up the slope, and gives retail space on both the upper street and the ground level.
  • The stair-stepped levels provides the opportunity to have views of Bellingham Bay for the majority of the condos.
  • An interior courtyard brings natural light and air to all of the residential units.
  • All units have passive light and air.
  • The exterior façade is separated by two different styles and color, to minimize the bulk of the building.
  • Extensive use of brick and pre-cast lintels, window and door trim to match the historic building designs helped integrate the building with the neighborhood.
  • All 50 required parking spaces and equipment rooms are hidden on 2 levels of interior garage.