Coffee Shop, Bellingham WA

This Woods Coffee shop is a drive-through and sit down café located on a dynamic, heavily trafficked, 4-lane road intersection. The site sits on the corner that is an entrance to a busy shopping mall. The goal is to intrigue cars and passers-by and remind them that they need a cup of coffee.

We think that these design elements make this coffee shop a bright stop on the road.

  • Northwest contemporary design provides an energetic and welcoming store
  • The use of minimal materials; concrete tilt-up, large store-front windows and custom horizontal wood siding for a soft, warm balance
  • 14 ft. tall to give it presence on the corner
  • Fireplace and warm wood interiors
  • Lightly tinted windows for passive light but not too much road visibility
  • Exposed wood roof trusses
  • 1,300 sq. ft.